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One of my articles was recently published on CNNGo. It’s all about the most delicious, mouth-watering food in Tai Po, Hong Kong – a true hidden gem in the city. CNNGo is one of my all-time favorite websites because it gives you an in-depth, insider’s guide to traveling in Asia! Click HERE to read my article!


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You can find the most delicious, mouth-watering food almost anywhere in Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter whether your budget is five dollars or one hundred dollars because there are so many options that can satisfy your stomach – and your wallet. If you eat around the popular areas of Central, Causeway Bay, or Tsim Sha Tsui, most of the restaurants will be on the more expensive side. But there are special gems in Hong Kong with very inexpensive food that tastes just as good – if not better – than the fancy restaurants.

A funny photo in Tai Po!

Let me introduce one of my favorite eating spots in Hong Kong: Tai Po. It is located in the New Territories, around 40 minutes by MTR from Central, but it is well worth the visit because it has some of the best food in Hong Kong! It’s not the most luxurious of areas, but the food is incredible. Tai Po has a rustic feel to it – a very different vibe than Hong Kong Island. Many restaurant names are only in Cantonese, so it might be more difficult to get around using English. But fear not! There are always ways to communicate, even if it’s through short phrases or hand gestures and pointing at dishes. I was lucky because it is only one stop away from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, so I was there all the time for lunch or dinner.

Most of the eateries in Tai Po are small hole-in-the-wall shops. It’s fun to hop from one place to another and try a little bit of everything. Most of these places are located in the main Tai Po square, which is easy to find from the MTR if you follow the signs towards “Tai Po Market.”

Tai Po Square. You'll find the small restaurant shops all along the perimeter of this area.

It gets quite busy on the weekends (even more packed than this photo!)

Yat Lok Barbeque Restaurant

Address: G/F., Block A, 5 Tai Ming Lane
Tel: 2656 4732
As I mentioned in my previous blog entry (Yat Lok BBQ: The Best Char Siu in Hong Kong), it’s a definite must. The char siu is absolutely mouth watering.

Outside Yat Lok with the owner (second from left)

Eating goose and char siu for lunch. $35 HKD (around $5 USD) for the plate!

Address: No. 26 Dai Ming Lane
Tel: 2638 3071
Their specialty is the beef noodles which is tender beef chunks and fresh homemade noodles, all in a flavorful soup broth. It sounds so simple, yet the taste is incredible and it will leave you wanting more! Every day, they open at around noon and stay open until their noodles run out. Sometimes they run out as early as 7 or 8 pm, so you could imagine how popular this place is! The beef noodles cost $35 HKD (around $5 USD) for one bowl. There is no English name outside of this small shop, so you’ll have to look for the Chinese name.

Their specialty: beef noodles

Eating the delicious noodles

Outside the shop.

Pai Gwat (Spare ribs)
I do not know the name of this shop, but they have the best Chinese spare ribs (pai gwat) i’ve ever tasted! The best part? It’s only $15 HKD. They sell the spare ribs, along with other dim sum dishes, outside of their shop and most people take the food to-go, which is what I often did. Since I do not know the name, I will describe where it is located. Go to the main Tai Po square and it is on the left hand side, in the same “lane” as the 7-11. You’ll see a bunch of shops selling their food outside. It is the first shop that sells dim sum/pai gwat outside.

Outside the shop buying the spare ribs


君滬鍋貼大王 (Dumpling King)
Tel: 2651 1188
If you want to eat large and juicy dumplings for only $2 HKD, I’d go here. My friends and I would often stop by to eat a few dumplings and then head over to the beef noodle shop for more food. I would not recommend eating their other food – since this is more of a take-out joint – but their dumplings are delicious!

To get here, walk past Tai Po square (heading north). Then, you’ll reach a main street. Make an immediate left. This shop is located right next to the McDonald’s, so if you get lost, ask someone to give you directions to McDonalds! You’ll see it.

This is how they fry the dumplings...in mass amounts!

Eating noodles and dumplings. The noodles are average, the dumplings are AMAZING.

Outside the shop

If you need more information on how to locate these restaurants/small shops, feel free to leave a comment! I will gladly explain in great depths on how to find the delicious food!

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Yat Lok Barbeque Restaurant
5, Po Wah House A, Tai Ming Lane,
G/F, Tai Po, New Territories
Tel: 2656 4732
MTR exit: Tai Po Market

Yat Lok's famous goose

If you’re ever in Hong Kong, you must eat at Yat Lok Restaurant. It’s located in the New Territories – about 45 minutes from Hong Kong Island – but it’s absolutely worth the distance because it is, hands down, the best barbeque restaurant.

Anthony Bourdain, food critic and host of "No Reservations"

There’s a funny story about how I discovered this restaurant. My friends and I were gathering food in Tai Po (just one MTR stop away from Chinese University of Hong Kong) for our Thanksgiving Dinner back in November, and we needed extra food. We love Tai Po in general for the excellent food, but we decided to go to Yat Lok on a whim and order a few things. As we were waiting for our food, I noticed they were playing an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show, and he was eating at this restaurant! I looked behind their counter, and low and behold there was a photo of the owner and Anthony Bourdain! Being a huge foodie and fan of Anthony Bourdain, I checked out the episode online – he gave it great reviews. I can’t believe I didn’t know about Yat Lok before then!

And let me tell you this: Yat Lok deserves a full 5 star rating from me. Their soft and tender char siu melts in your mouth like marble. You can taste the true quality, something so different than anything else. I’ve eaten char siu at expensive restaurants in Central for $30 USD a plate, as well as other locations in Hong Kong and China, but there is nothing that beats the Yat Lok. Not only that, but they are famously known for their goose. Its taste is so fresh and barbequed to perfection. Many people order the goose on rice, or with soup noodles.

The menu is entirely in Chinese, but the owner speaks English and he is so friendly and helpful! Don’t be afraid to ask him what to order because he knows exactly what you should eat.

Eating goose and char siu for lunch. $35 HKD (around $5 USD) for the plate!

The delicious char siu

Char siu and goose plate.

Mmm Mmm, delicious.

Outside Yat Lok with the owner (second from left)

Here’s Anthony Bourdain’s episode of No Reservations (Travel Channel) in Hong Kong. It starts at around the 8:18 mark, and continues in Part 2.

Part 2:

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